“What’s For Dinner?…’KERMIT SHAKE & Popcorn’!”

♥Hello Friends!

Emily my oldest told me about this meal idea a few weeks ago.  They have it often for dinner.  She figured out that an avocado oil/salt combo makes your popcorn taste buttery.  And paired with the KERMIT SHAKE it makes an easy, last minute meal idea.  We made it tonight and everyone thought I was pretty awesome feeding them a treat for dinner but in all actuality I was filling them full of “good-for-you-and-your-heart-and-brain” fats.  It also makes a HEALTHY treat alternative for your next “home-family-movie-game” night.

But, in the meantime, you can make it another go to dinner.

♥Love you!

Click here for the KERMIT SHAKE recipe from one of my earliest posts.


Air pop popcorn and dump on counter.  Put kernels back in to bowl, discarding the hard unpopped ones.  Drizzle avocado oil over popcorn and salt to taste.  Toss.  Yum!!!

*You can find organic popcorn for quite cheap in bulk at ‘Whole Foods’, or ‘Good Earth’ in Utah.

**Real Salt is amazing and HEALING and is used for more than just to add flavor to food (we’ll talk about some of it’s uses another day.)  As I’ve mentioned before, you can find it on ‘Vitacost’ here.  Or you can find it in bulk at “Bountiful Nutrition’ up near me, or ‘Good Earth’ also located in Utah.  I took a pic to show you what color all the good minerals make it.  It’s beautiful!

Real Salt


And here’s dinner!!!

Popcorn and Kermit Shake

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