If you’re new here, begin by reading the posts inSTART HERE” under CATEGORIES” on the black tool bar to the left, beginning from the oldest.   Then do the same underHEALING”.  Hopefully this will give you a basic understanding of the SPIRIT/BODY/MIND connection.

After that, you can read and learn about HEALING ideas under each of the categories SPIRIT”, “BODY” and “MIND”.

Also under “CATEGORIES” you can access and print out my recipes.  To print, click on “RECIPES”, then click on the post with the recipe you want and scroll to the bottom where it is located.  Highlight the recipe and under “FILE” at the top of your screen access the printer on your computer.  Click “SELECTION”, and then click “PRINT” again.  This should work great!

I have listed some of my favorite resources at the top of the blog on the black tool bar underEMPOWERING”.  Make sure to read the comments under “EMPOWERING” before moving on to the pages listed underneath.

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