Although science has proven that a nutrient dense (lots of greens), plant-based diet is the most effective at preventing disease, there’s a lot of differing ideas on some of the particulars.  I have found that there’s no need to be extreme, unless you are HEALING or have sensitivities to food.  And many of those sensitivities may go away after time.  I believe that we should eat from a variety of the foods the Good Lord has provided us with.  Through experience, and learning to listen to the Spirit and your body and it’s reactions to food, you will come to know what is best for you and those you love.  We are all different!  And that’s a great blessing.






“Forks Over Knives”  (Another good resource to understand the affects of food and how it can create disease or HEAL.  Especially if you don’t like to read.)



WEBSITES & BLOGS  (A great website by Brendan Brazier, that has easy to understand video lessons.  For hardcore athletes and for everyone.)

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